Right Angle Carpentry: Roanoke’s Deck, Patio, & Fence Specialist


Decks and Handi-Cap Ramps

Right Angle Carpentry can design and build decks and handi-cap ramps from your house or pool based on your particular layout and needs. A deck can compliment a patio area or serve as an alternative to a formal patio area. We design decks of all types, from very basic utilitarian structures to extravagant and gorgeously impressive multilevel structures. These may come with contrasting wood colors, angled cuts, and lighting for a spectacular night display. We can add awnings, privacy features, built-in benches, railings, locking security gates, planters, and other features to customize your deck according to your particular needs and aesthetic style.

Custom-Built Patios for Your Outdoor Lifestyle

A well-designed and built patio can significantly enhance your family and guests’ enjoyment of your property. Aside from protecting outdoor living spaces from mud and dirt infiltration, patio areas can also be integrated into the total overall entertainment scheme of the property and include such features as an outdoor:

Right Angle Carpentry offers custom-built patios that are suitable for your outdoor lifestyle. We can design a simple seating or grilling area for you to enjoy with your close associates or redesign your entire front or back property for exquisite entertaining and enjoyment of the fresh air and wide open space.

Fence, Gate, and Other Enclosures

There is wisdom in the old saying, “Good fences make good neighbors.” No matter how good your neighbors are, you probably still don’t want them to invade the sanctuary of your private property unless invited. A fence is a subtle and acceptable means of indicating property boundaries and protecting your interests from those who may be mildly annoying, or from those who may actually have ill intent. Fencing, along with a gate, can enhance your privacy, security, and provide an additional barrier to safeguard your family and possessions from harm.

Right Angle Carpentry can install wooden or vinyl privacy fences that will provide various degrees of protection to help keep your children or pets securely contained or to guard against unwanted trespassers and prying eyes. Talk with us about what you would like to build for an enclosure.

Right Angle Carpentry is Roanoke’s patio, deck, & fencing specialist.
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