New Custom Home and Business Construction for Huddleston, VA

Right Angle Carpentry, LLC, Meets International & VA Standards

Even with a home inspection by a highly competent inspector, there will always be some degree of risk involved when purchasing a used home or business building. By contracting with Right Angle Carpentry, LLC, to build your new custom home or business in Huddleston, VA, you control everything. Not only do you control the design, structural elements, and color schemes, but also a high degree of quality and material permanence. Call Right Angle Carpentry today at (434) 238-5408 to speak with our custom home builders.

Please note that while all of our custom homes and structures are built to meet international (UCC) and Virginia state quality standards, there are differences in longevity that largely depend upon the particular building materials that you select. For example, you can select a wood, vinyl, or brick exterior. Also, you are able to select a shingle or metal roof. All of these materials have inherently different warranty lengths.

Custom Elements to Personalize Your New Home

From custom trim and molding, to new French doors and transom windows, trust Right Angle Carpentry to encapsulate your style with your new custom home. Beautiful doors and windows in complimentary or contrasting colors can really help bring out the beauty of your home, along with baseboards and other wall trimmings to really tie everything together. Right Angle Carpentry also custom builds many types of wooden enhancements to your specifications, including cabinetry, built-in bookshelves, and more.

Right Angle Carpentry Creates Custom Commercial Buildings

When starting your own business or moving buildings, it is important to create a space that will accommodate your stock, employees, and customers. Trust the contractors of Right Angle Carpentry to create a beautiful commercial building for you and your patrons to enjoy in Huddleston, VA. We offer a variety of custom carpentry services and follow the proper state codes and standards to keep your business safe.

Schedule an Initial Consultation with Right Angle Carpentry

The contractors of Right Angle Carpentry will go over the pros and cons of all of the different building options with you during your initial consultation so that you will be able to apply this knowledge to make an educated decision regarding all of the options that you will make as work progresses on your new home or business. You want to make decisions that you will be happy to live with for some time to come. Contact us today for an estimate or a consultation.